Arturo Robertazzi. Computational Writer - Scrittore Computazionale

At the Admiralbrücke sometime ago

I came to Berlin in 2009, for the 20th anniversary of the Mauerfall. I have been living here ever since.

My current (very cool) job as a product manager at botiss biomaterials pays my bills and feeds my Wanderlust. I have also worked as a scientific editor for Cactus Communications and, before that, at the Freie Universität Berlin with an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship as a computational chemist.

Besides my scientific articles and books, I am author of Zagreb, my first novel, published in Italy in 2011 and in Germany in 2013.  In Canada, I have published The Infernal RNA Structures, a visualization of Dante’s Inferno as 2D RNA structures. I have called that #BIOTEXT.

Right now, I am writing my second novel: BerlinXxX is its (very) temporary title.

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