Arturo Robertazzi. Computational Writer - Scrittore Computazionale

The Italian cover of Zagreb

Zagreb is my first novel, published in Italy by Aìsara in 2011. In 2012, a second edition was released, eZagrebthe first enriched eBook published in Italy.

Zagreb is currently available in German (published by Verlag Auf dem Ruffel) and in Italian.

BIOTEXTWithin the series #BIOTEXT, The Infernal RNA structures (published in Canada) are a representation of Dante’s (in)famous Limbo and the Seventh and Eight Circles of Hell, described by Dante in his “Inferno”.

The letters G, C, A and Uthe RNA bases Guanine, Cytosine, Adenine and Uracilwere extracted from Dante’s lyrics and ordered in a single RNA sequence using simple UNIX commands.

RNAfold (a program developed by the Theoretical Biochemistry Group at the University of Vienna) was then employed to visualize the RNA structures.

Here more examples of Biotexts

Lettura digital e il web

La Lettura Digitale e il Web is one of the first attempt to analyze the changes that the Italian readers, writers and publishers have faced in the last few years. I contributed to this essay with an analysis of the Italian Twittersphere. I was particularly interested in studying the social network approach of the most relevant Italian publishers.

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