Arturo Robertazzi. Computational Writer - Scrittore Computazionale

As a computational chemist I contributed to three scientific books:

  1. Molecular simulations of drugs targeting the DNA: Insight into Mechanism, Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Molecular Recognition

  2. Metallic Systems: A Quantum Chemist’s Perspective

  3. Platinum Complexes as Anti-Cancer Drugs: Modeling of Structure, Activation and Function

The results published in these books were collected during my PhD at the University of Cardiff under the supervision of Dr. Jamie Platts and my first Post-Doc at SISSA/ISAS, in Trieste, Italy.

These three books nicely summarize my scientific interests: computational chemistry applied to the study of anticancer agents, nucleic acid properties, and metal complexes of biological relevance.

A complete list of my publications is available on ResearchGate.

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