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Hi, my name is Arturo and I have just started a blog in 2018. Crazy uh? Well, I must say, it is more a reboot than a start from scratch. There was a time when my first blog regularly ranked among the 10 most read literary blogs in Italy. What happened after that?  

Life happened.

Ok, you got me, I was as lazy as a snail riding a sloth… I could not keep up with my scientific research and writing my second novel and blogging in a world where more and more (multi-author) blogs would appear. I figured that it would not make sense to compete (with more committed bloggers than me) and that instead, I should focus on the most important thing–my writing.

So, I went on with the presentations and readings of Zagreb, my first novel, I kept working on my second manuscript, I changed jobs, I traveled the world and… whoops, what happened to my blog? Hibernated. Waiting for a princess’ kiss.

But, did I miss blog writing! Every time I would come back from one of my trips to Colombia, Croatia, Jordan, or Brandenburg (seriously, where’s that, dude?), I would think: Damm, this would make a fantastic blog post!

And every time I would ask myself the same question: does it make sense at all for an author to start a blog in 2018?

I typed that in google and — beep, excuse my french — I found so many contradicting articles and opinions, yes/no/maybe… never!, but I was strong and continued searching day and night until I found a point of view that made sense to me.

But… before getting to the absolute truth, here a few reasons for which I think you should never, ever get your ass at your desk to start a blog:  

  • Build communityok, maybe
  • Self-promotion – good luck with that!
  • Make money – veeeeery weak!
  • Get a deal for a book – even worse! 
  • Improve as a writer who knows?!
  • Publish excerpts of your work – oh… please no!

Alright, alright. Let’s get to the point:

What is The best reason for an Author to Start a Blog?

It is to blog about your journey as a writer.

In the words of Amrita Chowdhury:

Writing a book is hard work and writers go through a range of problems, doubts and emotions while doing it. The best thing you can blog about is your journey as a writer. Write about what stage you’re at: Are you editing? Re-writing? Looking for a copy-editor? Struggling with a particular piece of research? What books are you referring to? What have you written so far and where do you want to go with your story?

Those five words, your journey as a writer, gave me the final push to reboot my blog. 

Will this connect me with my (potential) readers and build a community? Maybe. Will it help me to be a more consistent writer? Possibly. Will it get me a book deal? Oh man, forget that deal!

Final thought

At the very end, it is your personal decision to start or not to start a blog and what to blog about. But I am convinced that your journey as a writer is a unique and intriguing experience. An experience that may actually be of interest to someone.

The “breakfast” photo was taken during one of my trips to Medellin.
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Phaedrus’ Journey

by Arturo Robertazzi

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