About Arturo

Who the heck are you?

Luke, I am your father

Hi I’m Arturo, the Italian gentleman with a love for science, writing, and all things in between.

I’ve spent most of my life devouring books, scribbling down words, and traveling the globe. But, I ain’t just all talk, I’ve also done some real science. I’ve even published a novel, Zagreb, and created a unique visualization of Dante’s Inferno as 2D RNA structures, which I’ve dubbed #BIOTEXT.

Currently, I’m editing my second manuscript with my agency and I’ve got a first shitty draft of a new story.

Science and Writing

I’ve combined my love for science and writing to create From Atoms to Words, a unique perspective on the world from the very small to the complexities of stories. And let’s be real, it’s ambitious AF. Well, you might like what I have to say, or you might not, and that’s cool.

In From Atoms to Words, I’ll be talking about traveling and writing, with a focus on my journey through the world of quantum.

It all began a long time ago during my PhD in quantum chemistry. It was a winding journey, full of detours, but it ultimately led me to work for a quantum-friendly company, doing simulations and all that nerdy stuff to pay the bills.

Who knows what will happen next?! One thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be a wild ride.


From Quantum Chemistry To Stories

From Atoms to Words

A collection of my thoughts and musings on science, writing, and the intersection of the two.

Arturo Robertazzi - Me, my room. My books.