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Hi, I’m Arturo

I’ve spent most of my life devouring books, scribbling down words, and traveling the globe. But I ain’t just all talk, I’ve published a novel, Zagreb, and also done some real science — quantum chemistry, simulations, and the like.

Over a decade, I’ve worked various jobs and roles. I went from being a scientific editor and science communicator to a technology scout and sales & marketing manager. And somewhere in that whirlwind, I landed at Quantistry, where I’m now chief growth officer and co-founder.

Our mission? To shape the future of chemical and material R&D.

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From Atoms to Words

A collection of my thoughts and musings on science, writing, and the intersection of the two.

From Atoms To Words | Arturo Robertazzi

But I’ve never forgotten my love for writing. So, I’ve mixed my two great passions to create From Atoms to Words. In this blog, I’ll be talking about science, writing, and the intersection of the two, with a focus on my journey through the world of simulations, from quantum to AI.

It all started a long time ago with my PhD in quantum chemistry. It’s been a long road since then. Who knows what I will write about next?

Read on and see for yourself.

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