Quantistry €3 Million Thank You: Let’s Shape the Future of R&D from Quantum to AI

I must admit, I was a bundle of nerves. Outside, the scenic beauty of Monopoli – a gem along the southern coast of Italy – bathed in sunlight; and there I was, pacing back and forth, prepping for my interview with Quantistry. It had been ages since I last dived into the world of simulations. Terms, methodologies, equations… would they all come back to me? And the big question: Would I fit in? If you’ve been following my journey on From Atoms To Words, you’re probably chuckling to yourself, thinking, “Well, it obviously worked out, didn’t it?” And you’d be right. Here I am, proudly donning the hat of Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder at Quantistry. So, why am I opening up about all this today? Well, because it’s now official: we have reached a significant milestone – €3 million funding to shape the future of R&D through quantum and AI. Isn’t that great? So, for once, on this blog, let’s go very personal. I’m all in if you are.

Quantistry €3 Million Thank You: Let's Shape the Future of R&D from Quantum to AI | From Atoms To Words | Arturo Robertazzi
Quantistry’s leadership team: Arturo Robertazzi (CGO), Marcel Quennet (CEO), and Stefan Kupferberg (Managing Director) | Credit: Chemovator, the business incubator of BASF.

My Personal Random Walk to Quantistry

You’ve probably caught on by now, especially if you’ve been reading From Atoms To Words, but here’s a fun fact: my first passion was quantum chemistry.

Yup, it all kicked off way back in my undergrad days. I was never the shining star in the lab. In fact, I was more like the walking hazard. That nudged a wise professor of mine to steer me towards theoretical chemistry. And what a ride that turned into.

My research adventures took me from the warm embrace of Italy, my homeland, through the academic halls of the UK, and finally to the hipster streets of Berlin, Germany. I’ve published my fair share of scientific papers and books, wrestling with countless calculations and overcoming who knows how many headaches along the way. Among my achievements, I’m particularly proud of having led the first systematic study on anion-pi interactions in proteins – and of course, I have written a story about it. More than a decade flew by, and somehow in that whirlwind, I even managed to publish a novel.

But then, plot twist: I left academia.

It’s clear: simulations not only transform the industrial R&D landscape but also steer it towards a greener future—yet, they remain out of reach for many. Together, we’re democratizing this technology, shaping the future of chemical R&D and materials science from Quantum to AI.

Marcel Quennet, CEO Of Quantistry

First, I considered going back to studying, linguistics and digital humanities; then came the lure of becoming a scientific editor. Yet, as fate would have it, I found myself in Berlin, at a medical device company of all places. And guess what? I had a knack for sales. Who knew? Working as a sales & marketing manager, focusing on education, jet-setting from Mexicali to Petra – what a ride!

But, there’s always a but.

Before Quantistry, my career felt like a series of sudden jumps. A random walk, just like Andre Geim’s. And yet, as it turns out, every skill I honed, every language I mastered, and every story I told was preparing me for something bigger. Yes, even the creative writing played its part.

Serendipity struck. I stumbled upon Quantistry. They were on the lookout for someone with a blend of scientific acumen and marketing savvy. And where else could you find someone who meshes sales & marketing expertise with a deep-rooted understanding of quantum chemistry and simulations?

I had a hunch this wouldn’t be a fleeting chapter. And sure enough, Quantistry’s journey became entangled with my own. In no time, I went from being hired as a scientific consultant to leading sales & marketing to becoming Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder.

Makes me wonder: what’s next on this Quantistry adventure?

Quantistry €3 Million Thank You: Let's Shape the Future of R&D from Quantum to AI | From Atoms To Words | Arturo Robertazzi
Working at Quantistry | Credit: ScienceTech Zukunftsorte Berlin [watch the full interview here]

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The New Way to R&D: From Quantum to AI

On a typical rainy day here in Berlin, I find myself gearing up for a lecture titled “The New Way to R&D – From Quantum to AI” at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. Surprising, right? Even future economists and lawyers are diving into simulations.

Imagine a room full of eager students, their minds just beginning to grasp the edges of machine learning and AI. I’m pretty sure they’re going to grill me – and I can’t wait. Though, I’ve got my secret weapon ready: “Got tougher questions? Let me call the Quantistry experts,” I’ll say. Works like a charm.

So, what is this New Way to R&D I keep harping on? Well, that’s what Quantistry is all about.

How do I improve my battery materials? How do I find the polymer with the best mechanical properties? What would the optical response of this material be? Imagine taking these real-world use cases from industry and translating them into the digital realm of chemical simulations. Yup, others before us have done this. In fact, the whole story of simulations started a century ago.

Quantum chemistry kicked off in 1927 with Heitler and London’s pencil and paper calculation of the hydrogen dissociation energy. They crunched those numbers by hand! Meanwhile, classical physics-based simulations like molecular dynamics have been academia’s darling for decades, and pharma has been using computational tools for just as long.

So, what sets us, Quantistry, apart from the rest?

We believe that Quantistry has a key role to play in the future of new sustainable materials.

Ananda Impact Ventures

Well, we’re taking these computational tools mainstream, into the heart of chemical and material R&D. We dissect real-world use cases into bite-sized simulation units, making it a breeze for anyone to run atomistic multiscale simulations. All you need is a web browser and a curious mind.

This path from trial-and-error to data-driven discovery is Quantistry’s New Way to R&D, which touches any computational methodology available, but goes beyond state-of-the-art, towards quantum– and AI-based solutions.

The beauty of it all? Our holistic approach comes to life in QuantistryLab, our intuitive and sleek, cloud-native chemical simulation platform. Drag & drop, click & simulate – voila! Insights at your fingertips, guiding you back to the lab for more effective and informed decisions.

Will our new way revolutionize industrial R&D? We’re betting on it. And we are not the only ones.

Quantistry €3 Million Thank You: Let's Shape the Future of R&D from Quantum to AI | From Atoms To Words | Arturo Robertazzi
Yup, that’s me at my desk.

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€3 Million Thank You for Believing in Quantistry

The New Way to R&D is not a solo journey. Our investors and partners, our customers and community are all in. They believe in Quantistry. And so do I.

First up are our inspiring customers – think big names spanning sectors from aerospace to automotive. Their challenges fuel our grit, driving us to push the boundaries of simulations, from quantum to AI.

Then there’s our lineup of investors – a blend of sharp-minded family offices, visionary venture capitalists like Ananda Impact Ventures and IBB Ventures, and industry heavyweights such as Chemovator, BASF’s business incubator. Yes, that BASF, the world’s leading chemical company. Feeling humbled? I sure am.

Finally, I want to give a shout-out to the numerous magazines that featured our €3 million funding news. Among these, The Quantum Insider, Quantum Computing Report, Crunchbase, Sifted, EU-Startups, The New Web, Fortune, and many more. Together we garnered over 15 million impressions.

Not bad, huh?

This investment is a major milestone in revolutionizing chemical research and development and speeding up the discovery of sustainable materials.

Chemovator, BASF’s business incubator

This trust extends far beyond mere capital; it represents a solid vote of confidence in our mission. This collective backing acknowledges the ambitious path we’ve carved out – melding quantum technologies, physics-based simulations, and AI to shape industrial R&D towards a more sustainable future.

What am I feeling right now, while writing these words?

Gratitude, pride, and an unshakeable excitement for what lies ahead. This isn’t just a €3 million funding milestone; it’s a launchpad for the monumental task we’ve set ourselves.

And we’re just getting warmed up.

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A Final Personal Touch

Looking back on that day in Monopoli, with the sun kissing the beaches while I hunched over scientific papers, nerves all aflutter about the interview with Quantistry, I can’t help but think it was destiny calling. A chance not just for a job, but to weave together every strand of my career.

There, amidst a romantic getaway with my partner, I was prepping for what felt like the moment of a lifetime. That’s when I realized that my career was not a random walk. Each skill I’d honed, every piece of knowledge I’d gathered, was converging to a single moment. And guess what? It clicked.

Yes, I’m more than just happy and proud. Quantistry is the culmination of my professional identity. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did.

With this significant milestone – our €3 million funding – Quantistry and I edge closer to a dream far bigger than any one of us: reshaping the future of chemical and material R&D.

So, to everyone who’s believed in me, in us – a heartfelt thank you. Here’s to continuing our way, from quantum to AI.

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