About Arturo

Who the heck are you?

Luke, I am your father

I’m just some dude on the other side of this screen.

I read a lot, I’ve traveled the world, I write almost every day, and I’ve done some real science. I’m just another piece of information in the infinite abyss of the internet.

You might like what I have to say, or you might not – and that’s cool.

In FromAtomsToWords, you will find a collection of things that I have written over the years, some of which was inspired by Robert M. Pirsig’s Phaedrus character.

  • In-italiano is where you’ll find my older junk, written in Italian.
  • About-Writing is all about writing and travel, mixed with a bit of science
  • In About-Science, I will be sharing my journey through quantum stuff, which started a long time ago during my PhD in quantum chemistry. Who knows where it’ll take me.

My name is Arturo Robertazzi — 40 years oldish, I was born in Italy. I moved to Spain when I was 20 or so, then to Great Britain; I came to Berlin for the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall. I have been living here ever since.

Somewhere, sometime — Berlin

A scientist and a writer?

I work for a quantum-friendly company, simulations and the like, to pay my bills and feed my scientific curiosity — Read here for more information about my job.

Besides my research articles and books, I am the author of Zagreb — my first novel, published in Italian and German.

A couple of years back, my scientific and writing brains got entangled and out of that chaos, I created The Infernal RNA Structures, a visualization of Dante’s Inferno as 2D RNA structures. I have named that mess #BIOTEXT.

Right now, I’m editing my second manuscript with my agency and I have a first shitty draft of my third story.

Who knows what will happen next?!


I am updating stuff around. FromAtomsToWords is coming soon.